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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Guest Blogger

Today I am guest blogger of my mother's blog. My name is Anne-Catherine and I am seventeen years old. I gave up breakfast and lunch for two days's, not three, as we are on holiday in lovely Greece with a large group of friends and I don't want to lose my good mood!

I do have dinner as we go out to restaurants every night, but it does not help to eat a whole lot as I only get more hungry the next day. It's very hot and we're trying to be not too active. It has been hard at times but I noticed quickly that hunger passes.

Whenever I thought I could not handle it any more, I brushed my teeth, swam or read a book. As long as you're distracted it's not so bad! Once, I was floating on the water on an inflatable mattress, sobbing while thinking of chicken souvlaki and ice-creams, so my mother swam to me to bring me an orange juice and reminding me of the purpose of the hunger strike. I thought of those mothers and many more in the world who are missing their children and how lucky I am to be lying here in a swimming pool, enjoying the sun, on holiday with friends and family.

Even though I am only doing this for two days instead of three, I am glad I did this. I really do hope that this international hunger strike results into something good and at least brings the cases in the news! I've heard enough about these cases to know how horrifying the industry behind adoption is and so I had no doubts when I spontaneously joined my mother in this strike.


Cathy said...

Ah, chicken souvlaki!!! Did you have to mention it??! lol
I am also doing the fasting and only eating very minimal. I am starved but the hunger just becomes a constant reminder of how terrible the adoption industry has become!!
I do hope the eyes of the world are opened wider with our efforts.
Enjoy your vacation and have a souvlaki for me too :-)

Anonymous said...

Anne-Catherine the World is abetter place with you around as you have proved at a tender age that you do care for the poorest of Mothers who's children are by dubious means trafficked in International Adoptions. Well done in your hunger strike and I wish you future happiness and success in all you do.

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