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Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Today I join the INTERNATIONAL HUNGER STRIKE that was called to support three mothers in Guatemala in getting back their stolen daughters. These daughters were adopted by US families.

In joining this international hunger strike I will fast for three days in the hope that it might help forcing the US side to take appropriate action: to give back these daughters to their mothers.

I am writing these lines from a beautiful terrace in Greece, where I am currently on holiday with my daughter. This makes me realise even more the difference in situation with these mothers whose children were taken away from them against their will, and sold through the children market for intercountry adoption.

Not only am I in a position to enjoy a luxury time off, I also never had to be afraid to lose my child to intercountry adoption because children for this are taken from poverty stricken mothers in countries where the rights of women and children are systematically broken.

These three days I will dedicate not only to the mothers in Guatamala, but also to all other mothers who lost their children unwillingly to intercountry adoption. Mothers in Ethiopia, India, Nepal, Vietnam and so on...

I am proud my daughter spontaneously joined the hunger strike too. She will be my Guest Blogger one of the next days.

Three Days/Three Daugthers

September 1, 2, 3, 2009. Join Us.

Imagine if your child was kidnapped.

Imagine when you reported this to authorities, you were ignored, bullied and dismissed.

Imagine thinking you would never see your child again. And that you could do nothing about it.

Three Days for Three Daughters is an international hunger strike to be held on September first, second and third. The strike is named after three girls who were kidnapped from their three mothers in Guatemala. These mothers, like hundreds of other mothers and fathers in developing nations, wait without answers, help or justice.
In continuation of the hunger strike that was started by Norma Cruz and Fundacion Sobrevivientes in Guatemala on July 15, we are striking for three days, one day for each daughter, to seek justice for the mothers in Guatemala, and to bring attention to the problem of child trafficking in international adoption.

For further info - see previous posting

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