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Sunday, 24 August 2008

Stolen for Adoption - Australia


zench said...

Indian children allegedly being stolen for adoption

A human rights lawyer has claimed that as many as 30 Indian children adopted by Australian couples were stolen from their biological parents.

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Anonymous said...

Times states that former Family Court Judge John Fogarty, who compiled a Victorian government report on inter-country adoptions, says the chances of the biological parents reclaiming their children are remote. "I wouldn't like to be acting for the Indian parents," he says. "You might get pro-bono lawyers, but the bottom line would be the best interests of the child, and that may be a one-way street. If you compared the position of the child in Australia returning to poverty in India, you would have to be a pretty dramatic judge to send a child back to the slums."

I say that as a Judge you would not condone child stealing of any nature as this in itself IS AGAINST THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD.

Any child stolen should be sent back to its parents indifferent the financial position of the family. Clearly judges have a lot to learn about the rights of the child.

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