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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

International Adoption: Aid or Trade

Source: Adoptie Trefpunt

'Marie Claire’ - March 2008 - Anneke Bots.

'India demands stolen adopted child back from the Netherlands'. 'Dutch couple in prison in Sri Lanka because of illegal adoption'. There are scandals all over and criticism on intercountry adoption – yes, also on those of Madonna and Angelina – grows. What is going on?

He lives since seven year with his adoptive parents in the Netherlands, when all of a sudden his biological mother from India announced herself. Nine-year-old Rahul recently became world news. The boy had not at all been voluntarily relinquished, said his mother, but was stolen during the night. Rahul’s story is not the only recent adoption scandal. A Dutch couple was arrested this summer in Sri Lanka because they were trying to take a baby illegally out of the country. And last October the world was shocked by the images of hundreds of so-called orphans from Darfur, who were about to be taken out of the country by a French aid organisation. Another shocking fact? In Guatemala one out of a hundred children is especially delivered for export to the US. The mothers get 600 to 1600 dollar per child, adoptive parents pay around 30.000 dollar for a baby. The difference goes into the pockets of lawyers, baby brokers and directors of orphanages. The reason for all these wrongdoings: the demand for adoptions bypasses the offer, so all children are welcome. According to Unicef there are worldwide fifty potential adopters lining up per adoptable child.

The full article can be found here (in Dutch) Verder Lezen

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