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Sunday, 17 February 2008

Children for Sale - adoption as pedo-paradise?

James R. Marsh on his website ChildLaw is doing a brilliant job in exposing some of the worst adoption scandals: adoptions by pedophiles.

Masha Allan was adopted from Russia by a pedophile named Matthew Mancuso.

Apart from Masha Allan, there is the case of young Daniel, adopted in 2001 from Romania at the age of four by William Peckenpaugh (page 242 of my book). Peckenpaugh is serving a 30 years prison sentence for having raped and sodemized the boy from the first week until he was arrested in December 2004.

Peckenpaugh was caught because his video of the abuse was discovered, Mancuso placed pictures on the Internet.

In my book I gave many examples of pedophiles' interest in children in children's homes. And about a pedophile who was rumoured to be selecting children for adoption - for pedophiles.

But not many people can believe such horrors exist.

Having read James Marsh' article about NBC's exposé on Guatemalan children sold for adoption I can only agree with him: ' If this can't convince people that there is a pedophile adoption play book then nothing will.'

'Using hidden cameras, NBC solicited a child from a Guatemalan baby broker for an American man with a history of sex crimes against children. The broker tells the undercover reporter that the easiest way to get the adoption approved is to either bribe the police for a clean background check or just remove this information from the adoption home study.'

Now, let's look at the details of the two known cases: Mancuso and Peckenpaugh.

Mancuso adopted through Reaching Out Through Adoption (ROTIA) :

Quote from Marsh's article:

'Consider that fact that renowned naturist leader Toni Egbert was the sister of ROTIA's executive director when Mancuso adopted, the prevalence of Russian and Ukrainian children in naturist videos (click at your own risk), and the accepted practice of supplying nude pre-adoption videos of East European children, and the question becomes why WOULDN'T pedophiles adopt?'

Peckenpaugh adopted through Tree of Life.

Now read this:

Peckenpaugh, at the time of his arrest was a member of both The Naturist Society and the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR). He claims to be a Catholic Bishop. He is the author of "Familial and Societal Attitudes Toward Nudity, and The Effects on Children's Development," a much quoted article by Nudists and Naturists, that makes the claim that naturist children are less sexually active and more emotionally healthy than non-naturist children. Peckenpaugh has been a frequent poster on rec.nude, alt.christnet.nudism and


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