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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Adoption: In The Best Interest of Madgeness

Mercy's world of Madgeness

EXCLUSIVE by Nick Owens 21/06/2009
Tot flown 6,000 miles from home to meet new mum Madonna and family in London.. and is whisked straight to a Kabbalah meeting

Little Mercy James spent 12 hours flying 6,000 miles to start her new life with adoptive mum Madonna yesterday… then was driven straight to a Kabbalah meeting.
Under cover of darkness in Malawi on Friday the three-year-old was taken from all that was familiar to her, put on a private jet and flown into Madonna’s arms in London.

But Mercy wasn’t allowed time to play with toys or settle into her new life. Instead, within hours of arriving, Madonna whisked the child and her new siblings Lourdes, 12, Rocco, eight and David, three, to her first lesson in the controversial Kabbalah faith.


melanie recoy said...

Mercy better get to work. Let's face it Madge didn't pay all that money to not have Mercy fulfill her obligations.

z e n c h said...

Foreign Adoption: goodwill or good PR

Stephanie Richardson, is an Examiner from Atlanta

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