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Monday, 23 March 2009

Ethiopians condemn the sale of children for adoption

Last week Canadian CBC gave a voice to Canadian adoptive parent's concern about their Ethiopian children. Contrary to what was mentioned on the adoption papers, CBC documented that the children were no orphans.

Full article HERE

The (French) videos can be watched HERE

The Solidarity Committee for Ethiopian Political Prisoners is coming to the rescue of Ethopia's children. Today the below statement was published online:

March 22/2009

The sale of Ethiopian children under the cover of adoption has now reached alarming proportions with more than 70 adoption agencies in action and the Ministry of women’s affairs and government backed middle men busy selling off children.

There are laws and regulations concerning adoption procedures in Ethiopia. These are not being observed at all. The official agencies engaged in the brazen sale of children are more or less all linked to the regime’s power holders (including Meles Zenawi) and documents are forged, evidence silenced and children given false identities and sold for the highest bidder. Ethiopian children are cheap to adopt (as compared to Russian and Cambodian ones) say many coming to adopt. The adoption racket involves not orphaned children only (of whom there are some 5 million) but children with parents who are sold off because the parents are poor. The child adopted by actress Angelina Jolie is not an orphan but with live parents who are Christian and not Moslem (and therefore the change of the child’s name to Zahra by her adoptive “mother” is improper). Many foreigners have adopted children who have parents after the authorities had informed them falsely that the children are orphans.

With thousands of Ethiopian children being sold off in their thousands at ten thousand dollars minimum per head the regime is reaping in millions. It is a profitable business that violates the rights of children and parents too. It is such a cruel undertaking that brothers and sisters have been separated and sold off for adoption to persons living in different countries. The waiting and investigation period prior to the adoption in accord with the law of Ethiopia is not observed at all. Thus, in Ethiopia now adoption is a racket, an illegal business and those who take part in it are abetting in the violation of the rights of children.


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Anonymous said...

The governments of Ethiopia and Sweden conducted this racket in the late 1960's first, with illiterate poor mothers being told their babies were "stillborn, ... " at the large hospital facility - flying in many of these mothers under the guise of providing necessary medical care. The number of abandoned babies at hospitals and various missions apparently helped give "cover" for this accelerated 'supply meets demand' atrocity. Over 40 hears later, listening to aging Ethiopian nurses recall how mothers pleaded to see their babies or asked "what was really wrong with my baby?" clearly illustrate these memories are accompanied by some guilt. The resolve to make wrongs right from the top down is what's lacking in this social tragedy. Token steps rather than concrete measures to curb such criminal behaviour perpetuate this longstanding disgraceful and vile Ethiopian heritage. "No curse alights without a cause" is the best scriptural explanation for the current child welfare conditions in Ethiopia!

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