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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Adoption from Samoa - lost children

The US adoption agency Focus on Children misled Samoan families, and had their children adopted for the price of 13.000 US dollars each.

Is that a crime? Is that child trafficking?

Not so, according the the US judge who had mercy and gave no prison time:

Prosecutors accused the five of conspiring to arrange adoptions that violated U.S. immigration laws, and alleged the scheme included lying to Samoan birth parents and American adoptive parents. As part of a plea bargain with the U.S. Attorney's Office, all five pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting the illegal entry of an alien, a misdemeanor.
Dozens of felony charges against them were dropped, and prosecutors recommended probation. Wakefield is expected to get the same sentence as the others.
U.S. District Judge David Sam instead sentenced the four to five years of probation and ordered them to contribute to a trust fund to help adopted children stay in touch with their birth families. He also ordered the defendants to never engage in the adoption business again.

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Anonymous said...

ROmania for Export Only, yes that is how it should be titled

How ironic that on the same page would be the Focus on Children Adoption Agency out of Utah Samoan adoption scam and the plight of Romanian children who are adopted.

The owners of Focus on Chilldren adoption agency, Scott and Karen Banks adopted three Romanian children. But these three children are no longer living with the Banks. Two of them were sent away to live in Samoa. They were left in Samoa with no legal documents according to a Salt Lake Tribune article.

Privledges to adopt agency owners, guess they can adopt anyone they want even when they have pled guilty to their adoption agency crimes

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