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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Baby Donna & Baby J

The Netherlands are caught by another case of 'illegal adoption' where a Dutch couple procured a Belgian child. Baby J. was offered for sale on the Internet and bought by a Dutch couple. Yesterday night Netwerk broadcasted a documentary in which the Dutch couple was interviewed. According to them both the Belgian Hospital and the Dutch Youth Care Department were informed about the case. However, when asked about it by Netwerk, they denied any involvement.

Dutch MP Marleen de Pater called to include baby selling for adoption into criminal law, because like in many countries the buying of children for adoption in not a crime, as there is no intention of exploitation.

The proof of that came today, when the Dutch High Court put their final ruling in the Baby Donna case.

In 2005, a Dutch couple bought Baby Donna from a Belgian woman who had 'produced' the child as part of a deal with a Belgian couple.
For more of the harrowing details read The Sad Tale of Baby Donna

Today in its wisdom the Dutch High Court decided that Baby Donna can stay with the Dutch couple who bought her, for reason of established family life (article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights). The biological father will get, in due time, visiting rights.

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