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Thursday, 25 October 2007

The Import and Export of Human Life

Thu, 2007-10-25 13:49 — Kerry

The Import and Export of Human Life

It amazes me how quickly Americans forget how children are brought and bought into this country.

I can't, as I was born outside the states, but taken in as one of it's own because Americans wanted a baby. I am white, so they got what they wanted, through an agency that knew how to get what the demand was seeking.
I was Choice Meat. I bet they paid top dollar. The agency didn't last very long. It didn't have to, did it? Back in the 1960's, early 70's with the Vietnam War going on, who could risk long-term commitment, anyway? More babies were going to be produced soon enough, and prices would drop, no doubt. Problem would be, those babies would not be purebreds, would they?

Roelie's book is perhaps the match that sparks the trail to more explosive truths about the historical facts about man's inhumanity towards man when it comes to the brazen disregard to family values and physical boundaries.

Leave it to a woman to see the obvious, and be sure men to say "Whoa! She can't do that!"

Too late, we bastard cats and dogs have already been let out of the bags, and scattered all over the world.

We learned to speak and verify the truth.

Now what?

We do just that, and hope it's enough to right the wrongs that have gone on for far too long.

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