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President Basescu at the European Commission, 22 April 2010

Sunday, 25 February 2007


Romania needed to reform its child rights policy, as one of the conditions for its future EU Membership. Large ‘orphanages’ were closed and replaced by modern child protection alternatives.

The author kept a diary on her work for the European Commission that aimed to help Romania reform its child protection.

She soon found out that the intercountry adoption system in place was nothing short of a market for children, riddled by corruption. After international criticism this practice was halted temporarily. When redrafting laws, it became clear that in Romania’s reformed child protection there was neither place nor need for intercountry adoptions.

A ferocious lobby that wants to maintain intercountry adoptions stepped out.

The reader is taken along on an eight-year-travel, and will be shown the story of the Romanian ‘orphans’ from a different light, where global politics and private interests compete with the rights of the child.


Anonymous said...

I am delighted to see that the Author has taken the time to put this book together. It is for certain a story that needs telling, so the world can read this untold, true story of Romania's orphans and I recommend the public to purchase a copy, so that they will understand the truth of the interferences that tried to protect their interests rather than that of the children.
Well done Roelie!

Brian Douglas.
(British Humanitarian)

Rupert Wolfe-Murray said...

Bravo Roelie. I am delighted that someone has finally told this story. I also know that she was the driving force behind Romani's reform of its child welfare system. Rupert Wolfe Murray

Paul van Buitenen MEP said...

As a former European Commission official, I know that it is not obvious to write such a book. It is courageous and necessary to put this story on paper, as many misconceptions about the Romanian children's adoption issue float around and have even caused the European Parliament to adopt a misguided written declaration on this issue. Well done Roelie!

David Haworth, Irish Daily Mail said...

This is a shocking and forensic case history of how the lobbying nexus can work in Brussels, threats and all, as children's lives are cynically disposed of between the "In" files and the "Out". Few players emerge well from this story and some are out-and-out black hat villains. A salutary antidote to the EU's 50th anniversary celebrations.

Anonymous said...

It's nice your friends have endorsed the book, but I googled the title and got nothing. Absolutely nothing.

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